Witness Box
The Art of Giving Evidence

“Great training package”

“An extremely worthwhile period of training which we must continue and evolve”.

“A very good exercise well executed”.

“Very helpful and useful course, good presentation and explained very well – Trevor and Stephen very helpful and with a lot of knowledge”.

“The combination of theory and role play was at the right level and a great experience. Training was at a good pace and not only relevant but enjoyable, too.”

“I thought the role play was excellent – an introduction to being cross-examined in a non-contentious environment which was invaluable”.

“The trial preparation was very insightful. It was very interesting to see how people’s behaviour changes when under cross-examination, and how perception changes when the witness addresses the judge directly”.

“I would like to let you know that we were very pleased with the way all three witnesses performed at the trial. Mr X, for example, not only held his ground on the issues, he also gave very cogent explanations that helped build up a good rapport with the judge. Indeed, we really felt that the judge warmed to him. We felt he did very well indeed. The opposing QC had very little, if anything, to take away from the exchange and lost ground on several points.

Overall, we feel our client came across very well to the judge, and it was in marked contrast with some opposing witnesses who were letting themselves get visibly annoyed with our QC.

Thanks again for the training, everyone was very pleased with it”.

“Trevor and Stephen are very likeable characters and their knowledge has been invaluable as a ‘life experience’ – I didn’t expect to understand the subject as well as I now do”.

“Very valuable training”.

“Excellent and professional training, I learnt a lot – it helped Trevor and Stephen have a lot of experience and shared their experiences with us”.

“I thought the training gave an excellent insight into a difficult subject matter and undoubtedly provided an invaluable base from which to be guided in understanding cross-examination”.

“The training completely met my expectations and the treatment of the subject was just right.I rated the standard of training by Trevor and Stephen as a 9 (out of 10). It was an extremely enjoyable and informing experience.”

“The session was very fluid and the pace was driven by the participant. This made the programme very bespoke and relevant”.

“I wish I had this training before my previous case. I’d been on another training provider’s course a few years ago and it was c*** compared to this”.

“Trevor, I would like to thank you very much for helping me through the past 2 days in the witness box. All the aspects of your course helped greatly, particularly your breathing and seating tip. We all thought the trial preparation you gave was perfect…you nailed it for us”.

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